Dr. Audrey Muratet


My research aims are to assess the influence of local and landscape parameters on urban biodiversity.

Contrasted responses of different taxa to pesticide use. We analyze the role of different pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) on the diversity, composition and functional traits of plants, pollinators, birds and worms in urban and agricultural landscapes.

Wastelands, what social and ecological functions ? Wastelands remain unknown by scientists. In order to better understand the role of these areas in the conservation of urban biodiversity and how they are used by humans, we conducted since 2010 a transdisciplinary study to assess the sociological and ecological interactions that exist in wastelands.

Landscape connectivity in urban areas We tested different connectivity measures that take or not into account the matrix permeability with the NDVI tool (remote sensing imagery) for different dispersal capacities. We compared the networks obtained to empirical data on plant communities of semi-natural herbaceous habitats. We thus proposed an efficient connectivity measure to construct functional habitats networks in urban areas.


Myr Muratet